20 Feb 2017

Full-Time Nursing Director

Scott Brown Logan, Utah, United States

Job Description


  1. Primary Supervision Responsibilities:
    1. Assure clinic is open and appropriately staffed during regularly scheduled hours and special events and that all facilities and equipment are available, operational, safe, and clean.
    2. Select, train, supervise, and monitor quality and production levels of site staff.
    3. Develop monthly staff schedule, review timecards, and provide input to payroll calculation.
    4. Assure staff is adequately trained and equipped to perform their jobs.
    5. Communicate and ensure compliance with company policies and procedures. Address performance and disciplinary issues.
    6. Monitor supply inventories and order all supplies.
    7. Interact with customers, review customer feedback, and address customer service issues.
    8. Identify community-marketing opportunities and engage staff in grassroots marketing.
    9. Inspect and maintain records on facilities and equipment.
    10. Coordinate facility and equipment maintenance and other vendor services.
    11. Perform front-end registration and/or clinical tasks as a back-up in case of absence or high demand.
    12. Meet regularly with the Sterling Physician Group manager and your immediate supervisor.
    13. Provide your immediate supervisor a weekly operational report
  1. List of top five (5) task for the upcoming week
  2. List of what was not completed from the top five (5) task
  • What you need from management to move forward with completing tasks.
    1. Insist that the chain of command is implemented and enforced.


  1. Clinical Responsibilities – And any other duties as assigned:
    1. Patient History Requirements:
  1. Patient Vitals
  2. Chief Complaint
  • Duration
  1. Affected area
  2. Drug Allergies
  3. List of medication on and any recent used
  • Family History
  • Review of Systems


    1. Radiology
  1. Prepare patient for x‐ray, explain procedures to patient and/or family, prepare room, equipment, and materials as needed.
  2. Position patient and arrange immobilization and support devices for patient.
  • Practice radiation protection techniques to limit exposure to patient and medical staff.
  1. Adjust equipment controls; determine proper voltage, and exposure time.
  2. Administer routine x‐ray exams, assist in physical exams, assist in treatment of patients by giving injections, changing dressings, or removing sutures under physician or nurse practitioner direction.
  3. Observe patient and machine during procedure. Report unusual occurrences and record patient’s condition.
  • Document in the patient EMR with procedures performed.
  • Develop, mark and file x‐ray film and maintain film library. Retrieve and log x-rays requested or sent out for referrals or copying.
  1. Clean and disinfect x‐ray room and equipment, maintain and order x‐ray supplies.
  2. Perform x‐ray quality assurance tests and maintain x‐ray quality assurance records.
  3. Perform all functions of a medical assistant and assist front‐end registration staff or perform additional clerical duties as necessary.


    1. Laboratory – Essential Functions
  1. Ability to obtain blood specimens by venipuncture.
  2. Perform routine medical laboratory testing procedures using a variety of laboratory instrumentation.
  • Maintain proper quality control procedures and required documentation.
  1. Perform quality control checks of instrumentation against established standards.
  2. Support staff on all shifts at other Sterling Urgent Cares. Must be able to work extended hours when necessary.
  3. Maintain a safe and appropriate work area. Maintain inventory of supplies.
  • Document work processes as required.


    1. Pharmacy
  1. Obtaining accurate patient medication allergies and documenting in the medical record.
  2. Knowledge of basic pharmacology for medications that are provided and administered in the Sterling Urgent Cares. Knowledge includes:
    1. Adverse reactions
    2. Dosage calculation
    3. Universal precaution
    4. Medication delivery methods for each medication
    5. Proper injection protocols for the various IM injections
    6. How to assemble and troubleshoot IV set up
  • Preparation of medications for patients
  1. Receiving and verifying the prepackaged medication order from the providers
  2. Completing patient paperwork related to the filling of prescription
  3. Stocking and pricing of medications in inventory
  • Ensuring availability of drugs by delivering them to patients or facilities
  • Maintaining pharmacy’s (and its patients’ employees’) safety by adhering to infection-control procedures, policies and regulations.


    1. Occupational Medicine
  1. Drug testing – eScreen
    1. Drug and Alcohol Testing
    2. DOT Compliance Drug and Alcohol Testing
    3. Breath Alcohol Testing
    4. Pre-Employment Drug Testing
    5. Post Accident Drug Testing
    6. Random and Follow-up Drug Testing
    7. Rapid Screen Drug Testing
    8. Hair Follicle Drug Testing
    9. Return To Duty Drug Testing
    10. MRO Services – Physician Reviewed Lab Results
    11. Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion
    12. Drug/Alcohol Policy Development and Compliance
    13. 24/7 Emergency Drug and Alcohol Testing
    14. DATIA and USDOT Certified Collectors
  2. Workers Compensation
    1. Obtain injury information and report to the case managers
    2. Fit for duty testing


    1. Other
  1. EKG
  2. Spirometer
  • IV Insertion & maintenance
  1. Visual Acuity
  2. Audiometer
  3. Nebulizer administration


  1. Other Responsibilities:
    1. Serves as a resource and participates as a member of related task forces; maintains a professional working relationship with other departments; practices effective customer relation skills.
    2. Inventory/Order supplies through vendors. Evaluates cost efficient pricing through businesses and products, agreeing with Doctor preference.
    3. On a regular sustained basis, cooperates with other staff members, both within and outside the department, in accomplishment of own job duties, as well as assisting other in accomplishing theirs. Serves as a team player and role model for others in the organization, exhibiting traits of courtesy, caring, helpfulness, and respect. Conducts oneself in service-oriented manner that is attentive, pleasant, cooperative, sensitive, respectful, and kind when dealing with visitors, public, and all employees.


  1. Job qualifications:
    1. Education
  1. High school diploma or equivalent and five years management experience.
  2. Registered Nurse license or equivalent work experience
  • Certification in BCLS, ACLS
  1. Knowledge
    1. Knowledge of medical/legal requirements of physician office
    2. Knowledge of medical and insurance terminology desired.
  • Knowledge of medical office clinical equipment.
  1. Demonstrated effective interpersonal skill.
  2. Skill in directing a high degree of initiative, judgment, discretion and decision-making.
  3. Ability to communicate with superiors, peers, and staff.
  • Proven ability to identify problems/opportunities and recommend solutions.
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of employee development.
  1. Understand and be competent to perform the front desk registration and medical assistant position.
  2. Complete training in HIPAA, medical coding, blood borne pathogens, COR and emergency procedures, and other clinical/administrative issues.
  3. Proficient to use and train others in common computer applications including Internet, Email, and Microsoft Office.
  1. Skills
    1. Punctual
    2. Leadership skills.
  • Accuracy, attention to detail.
  1. Math skills sufficient to correctly mix injections interpret tests.
  2. Posses a friendly, professional image.
  3. Good organizational skills.
  • Ability to function as a team member.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow directions and instructions accurately.
  1. Demonstrated ability to perform medical procedures in a complete and accurate manner.
  2. Demonstrated ability to keep up with the patient flow of the office.
  3. Demonstrated ability to handle several patients and/or activities simultaneously.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to use initiative and excellent independent judgment in terms of giving standard advice and seeking additional physician guidance when appropriate.
  • Ability to prioritize changing work requirements.
  1. Excellent interpersonal skills with patients, their families, physicians and staff.
  • Ability to read understands and develops policies and procedures.
  • Budgeting methodologies.

How to Apply

Email resumes / CV's to sabrina@sterlingm.net

Job Categories: Health Care. Job Types: Full-Time.


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